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Millions face homelessness. How will we respond?

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered multiple fault lines and fractures within American society: health care inadequacy and pay inequality two of the most glaring. Concerns have been growing for month over the possibility that millions of Americans are in danger of becoming homeless, a result of long-term job loss, the expiration of unemployment benefits and … Continue reading “Millions face homelessness. How will we respond?”

Invigorating a region’s economy by thinking small

A team led by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Sustainable Business has published what they call a “Marshall Plan for Middle America Roadmap.” In it, they outline how a four-state chunk of the Ohio River Valley can pivot from an economy that still has strong ties to fossil fuels and extraction industries … Continue reading “Invigorating a region’s economy by thinking small”

My love affair with voting

Over the last several days, I’ve served as a volunteer poll watcher at voting locations in Jefferson County, Colorado, which sits between Denver and the Rocky Mountains. The county has a reputation for being decidedly purple. In the recent past it has been an indicator of how statewide races and ballot measures may fare. Unlike … Continue reading “My love affair with voting”

Biden for President

I’m endorsing Joe Biden for President. Here are my reasons. He’s empathetic. One of the big jobs that will consume a lot of time for the next president will be rebuilding and restoring confidence in core American institutions. There are so many pieces of the American fabric that are frayed and torn, including confidence in … Continue reading “Biden for President”

Forests are burning

One Saturday a few years ago, we packed the in-laws into the back seat, loaded up the dog and headed into the mountains west of Denver. We exited I-70 at the U.S. 40 cutoff for Berthoud Pass and drove past the Winter Park ski resort on the road toward Kremmling. Before we reached that little … Continue reading “Forests are burning”


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